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We specialize exclusively in Weight Loss Surgery to provide a Top-Quality Bariatric Operation.

We are a pioneer in El Paso, Texas, specializing exclusively in weight loss surgery to provide a top-quality bariatric operation in a simple process from beginning to end. For your convenience, our clinic is in El Paso, Texas, and the surgical center is located in Juarez, Mexico, only twenty minutes away from our clinic, assuring high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost.

In Juarez, Mexico, Hospital del Sol offers state-of-the-art equipment specializing in laparoscopic surgery and is a common destination for bariatric medical tourism for out-of-area patients worldwide. Since our focus is exclusively on gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery, we can provide a quality service in as little as two weeks from your first consultation to surgery at a price that is typically lower than the deductible for most U.S. insurances.

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Only $7,400

Fast Track Process

2 weeks from contact to finish

Bariatric Services with no medical history required

No referral or history of medical weight loss needed

Bariatric Services with minimal scaring

Minimal scarring

Affordable Bariatric Services

Bariatric surgery at an affordable price

Why Our Patients Choose

El Paso Bariatrics

Specialized Infrastructure

Experienced physicians and infrastructure are the foundation of our service, allowing us to provide a positive outcome in a short timeframe.


Our specialized self-pay service is designed specifically for patients without insurance, patients for whom insurance does not cover bariatric surgeries, and patients whose deductibles may be higher than our service’s cost. By the end of the treatment, our patients typically report a cost saving of up to 45-85% compared to average U.S. and European prices.

Exclusive Specialization in Bariatric Surgery

Our focus is exclusively on the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. Specializing solely in these two procedures allows our team to provide you with outstanding and fast service and why we are recognized as one of the top bariatric surgery providers in medical tourism worldwide.

Strategic Location

Proximity to the U.S./Mexico border is very convenient considering Juarez, Mexico is within walking distance from El Paso, Texas. Also, both the El Paso and Abraham Gonzalez (Juarez, Mexico) International airports are located only a few minutes away from our clinic, making us the ideal place for high-quality bariatric tourism.

Fast-Track Process

Our specialization allows immediate access, given that your surgery can be performed within 2 weeks after your initial consultation. No referrals or history of medical diet needed. Efficiency, outstanding medical care, and cost savings are the core principles of our service.

Bilingual Team

Hospital del Sol is located a few minutes from the border, with over 61% of our patients being bariatric tourists from English-speaking countries. Since most of our patients are from the United States, our team of physicians is bilingual in English and Spanish, with most of the staff also fluent in both languages.

If you’ve tried every diet and exercised without seen any significant results, or worse, you’re still not losing any weight.

If you are among the one-third of Americans considered obese, El Paso Bariatrics may be an option for you.

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