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Costs in the U.S. for bariatric surgery can be upwards of $35,000. When comparing expenses associated with bariatric surgery between different hospitals and clinics, it is essential to account for and request complete price quotes. It’s possible that additional services may not be disclosed, adding extra costs to you. We recommend researching these expenses among the different providers you are considering before making your final decision.

Although we’re known for our cutting-edge technology and affordable prices, we also believe in transparency and support this value by disclosing the full price and course of action regarding the treatment.

Also, the U.S. dollar’s purchasing power in Mexico and the low cost of living make additional expenses for out of town patients, such as accommodation, transportation, etc., much more accessible, meaning you’ll receive personalized state-of-art service at a price you know and expect without encountering unforeseen expenses or hidden costs.

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Your Safety is Our Highest Priority

Many patients who want to undergo weight-loss surgeries cannot do so because of cost or because they are worried about undergoing surgery in a foreign country. At El Paso Bariatrics, your safety is their highest priority, and just because treatment is affordable does not mean that you are compromising your safety or the quality of care.

If you decide to be treated by us after comparing costs and services at different medical centers, contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and set up an appointment. Contact Us Today.

What is the Fast Track Program?

Consultation to Surgery in less than 2 weeks!

El Paso Bariatrics Fast Track program is designed to help patients receive weight loss surgery at an affordable cost and a condensed timeframe. No referrals or clearances are required prior to arrival. When you are ready to embark on this amazing, life-changing journey and want to speed up the process to surgery, we can help!

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