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Hospital Star Medica

All our procedures are performed in Hospital Star Medica, a full-service medical center in Juarez, Mexico, only fifteen minutes across the border. The center specializes in state-of-the-art laparoscopic surgery and maintains the highest quality equipment in the industry. In partnership with Hospital Star Medica, El Paso Bariatrics ensures that all patients receive personalized care in a facility equipped with advanced medical equipment.

Juarez, Mexico

The Juarez, Mexico metropolitan boasts one of the highest living standards in all of Mexico. It has become a modern cosmopolitan and international center in the desert with every possible convenience and service. If you decide to stay in Juarez, you can enjoy four and 5-star hotels, incredible international restaurants, movie theaters, and an excellent variety of shopping malls, boutiques, discount pharmacies, etc. The last decade has also made it one of the most important venues for all medical tourism types due to the locational, technological, and price advantage this city offers.

Our Team

Successful bariatric surgery requires a team approach. Our counselors and staff work together to provide an unmatched service level and treat patients with compassion and individualized care to make your dreams of a slimmer and healthier life a reality.

Our board-certified bariatric team works to offer hope to patients from around the world by facilitating the process of changing their lives, helping thousands of patients worldwide by performing advanced bariatric surgery at an affordable price.

What is Bariatric Tourism?

By definition, bariatric tourism is a kind of medical tourism. It is the practice of traveling for bariatric treatment abroad or to another region within the same country. Patients try bariatric tourism when they realize that superior treatment and bariatric doctors and better prices are available in other regions. Traveling for bariatric treatments is now very common, but patients may still have questions about travel logistics, costs, and practicality. We offer more affordable prices, and our surgical center is only minutes away from our El Paso clinic.

The exceptional care and patient outcomes our bariatric program offers have made El Paso Bariatrics one of the most popular and leading destinations for bariatric tourism in the world. If you wish to undergo bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve without high treatment costs, medical tourism offers a way to reach your weight loss goals affordably. Contact El Paso Bariatrics to learn more today.

If you´ve tried every diet and exercised without seen any significant results, or worse, you´re still not losing any weight.

If you are among the one-third of Americans considered obese, El Paso Bariatrics may be an option for you.

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